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  Here's what you will get:

1) Promote You in 1 to 6 Page(s) of the "Motivational Speakers" book in either Australia or the USA for the entire year.
2) Promote You to over 30,000 Event Organisers, in conjunction with the book, across the US or Australia, based your country selection.
3) Connect You with the Motivational Speaker Community around the world to Collaborate for speaking opportunities across the world!

The reality is that most speakers aren't doing the regular marketing required to generate a continuous flow of speaking enquiries. The Motivational Speakers Book is designed to fix exactly this! We have an entire team that:

  • Sends Emails to THOUSANDS of Event Organisers, HR Managers, and Speaker Hiring Managers across America and Australia
  • Nurtures and Reminds people looking for Speakers about us with an Motivations Magazine.
  • Generates Speaking Opportunities EVERY WEEK that we send back to our clients!

"I now have more work to do, I mean really..."

Andrew started working with us because he was out there doing a lot of speaking and everyone loved him, but he wasn't feeling the sales flow coming in for the amount of speaking he was doing.

In just a few short hours, using the proper follow up process, Andrew created 2 new workshop clients, 1 new consulting workshop, and 5 new coaching clients.

Andrew Hughes - Motivational Speaker Market Leader client

"I have made back my investment many times over in paid speaking gigs"

I really value the support at Motivational Speakers Australia. I have made back my investment many times over in paid speaking gigs. Very happy to be a part of this community, such a great idea!

Toni Fitzgerald - Motivational Speaker Australia


COLLABORATE and CO-HOST EVENTS with Other Motivational Speakers


Plug into Our MARKETING MACHINE for BONUS Speaking Opportunities!

  • We have a proven Marketing System that we work with each of our Speakers on. It's 5 Simple Steps that we plug you into as soon as you get started. This makes it easy for us to market you and easy for you to simply spend just 1 hour a month connecting to our team to best spread your market reach in Australia or America.

STEP 1: Build Your AUTHORITY Profile

The first thing Event Hosts and Hiring Managers seek out when looking for a speaker is to see you come up as a Speaker on Google, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Your Authority Profile tells your story.  Your Story is what appeals to them to choose you to make their event "look good". As a Motivational Speaker, we build you a Star Brand that WOWS event hosts to select you and build more Credibility into your Authority Profile.


Now you'll have your entire speaking kit in one place. You can even utilize our website as a "speaker kit" for your own profile. When you get the call, you'll be "ready". And better yet, you're going to be positioned as a "STAR" and be seen as the best option!

STEP 3: Join the STARS

In the speaking game, the power of association is so important. "You are the company you keep".   Event hosts are hiring and know the top speakers because they spent decades building their brands. So when the event host sees your profile with the celebrity speakers, your credibility is assured.

STEP 4: The Marketing Machine

We feature you in our Social Media, Magazine Publications, Emails,  Podcasts, Youtube Video Features, online TV Interviews and Traffic through our Marketing Machine to your IDEAL AUDIENCES building up your reputation and brand. All you have to do is write articles and speak! Be featured in our magazine to over 300,000 followers where you'll be listed in every issue for 12 months. You can even choose to invest in a Cover Feature.

STEP 5: Collaborative Community 

If you look across the board at the most successful 7-8 figure earning speakers, there is one thing in common: COLLABORATIVE EVENTS. Having worked with Loral Langemeier for more than 5 years, 90% of her paid workshops were filled from selling on her Speaker Cooperative stages. Like Loral, the most successful speakers are co-hosting events together to share cost and share communities to build their speaking opportunitites. We've put together a community of invested and serious speakers, there for you just to plug into!

If you just collaborate and co-host  events with our other speakers, you could easily see a 1000% Return on Investment  within the next 90 days to 6 months!

"Your advice is always bang on the money and I can't tell you how much I appreciate you making time..."

Your brain is amazing and yoru ability to understand my position is incredible. Your advice is always bang on the money and I can't tell you how much I appreciate you making time.

Meg Salter - Motivational Speaker of Australia

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